Registering on Deeploy.Me

Personal data
Your personal data is only and exclusively requested and used to create your profile.

Your data is not our business
All the data inserted by is yours. We’ll never share your data with our hiring clients without your previous consent.

Consent or not, anytime
You have full control of your Privacy Settings. Add or withdraw consent at any time.

We will never sell your data
We do not share information with third parties for their direct marketing purposes. Your personal data will never be sold to third parties and will only be shared when sending yourpublic profile page to companies.

Our Servers
All your data is stored in RapidCloud Server but they don’t have access to any personal information.

Our partners
All our partners are GDPR compliant. We share your information with trusted third party providers who help us deliver These include RapidCloud Server who host our files(including our CV database) and for server hosting, Active Campaign for e-mail marketing and Suvren for text analysis. We will not use your data for any other purpose without yourconsent (unless authorized to do so by law).

Right to be forgotten and data retention
You can delete your account at anytime. If you really decide to do so, sadly all information about you will be deleted permanently from our servers.

Data controller and compliance
is the trading name of NiD Human LDA., a Portuguese company based in Aveiro, Portugal. We are responsible ensuring compliance with the applicable Personal Data Protection Laws. Any questions regarding the collection and processing of your data can beaddressed to

What means to create a Deeploy.Me Profile
According to General Data Protection Regulation we inform you that your personal data arecollected to be included in the database for the purposes of creating your profileand managing your profile information, perform data analysis, audits, order fulfilmenttracking, website enhancements, identify usage trends and communicate with you to offerprojects and jobs opportunities. Your consent to any other use will be explicitly requestedbefore any processing of your personal data takes place. The data gathered will naturallyinclude your personal information, contact details, employment background and project’sinformation.

By creating your profile, you consent to the use of your information in the following ways:
• Manage your professional profile and maintain it. We process that data to create your profile;
• Operate our business. To continue to offer and improve our service, we collect information about the use of and will perform data analysis, audits, order fulfilment tracking, website enhancements and identify usage trends;
• Communicate with you from time to time regarding updates to platform using the name and contact information you provide to us.

For non-mandatory information:
• Address: The purpose of asking for your address is only to locate the best opportunitiescloser to you.
• Digital presence links: The purpose of asking for your digital presence links is only to helpour clients to evaluate your profile.
• Complementary information: Any additional information required to fill your profile willbe used to evaluate your background and help us to find the best project/job opportunities for you. You can delete it anytime.

What we don’t ask
We don’t ask any information regarding racial or ethnic origin, religious beliefs, politicalbeliefs, political party or trade union membership, health (physical, mental and/or sexual), biometric details and criminal records including penalties or fines, or relevantidentification number (such as passport or national ID card).

For complaints or
to raise any doubts, questions or requests please contact usat .

Version 1.0
Last update: Aug, 2020.

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