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What is the best platform to build a UX/UI portfolio?

Recorded live on 07/10/21

About this video:

Mao Barros talks to Daniel Furtado about a crucial factor in the career of UX/UI Designers, which is his portfolio. Among several questions, one of the most frequent is: "What is the best platform to create a UX/UI portfolio?"


Among the points covered:

  • The importance of a professional presentation in line with your current profile;
  • How to create an interesting portfolio case for companies;
  • What are the most used platforms by UX/UI Designers;
  • How to define the best platform to build your portfolio.



00:00 - Introduction

03:55 - Daniel Presentation

09:49 - Mao Presentation

10:41 - About Deeploy

14:19 - Live Summary

16:19 - Bug of the week

19:13 - Windows 11

27:48- Why does your professional presentation need to be aligned with your current profile?

25:10 - What is the purpose of a portfolio?

48:15 - What are the most used platforms by ux/ui designers?

58:56 - Platform references

1:19:00 - How to define the best platform to build your portfolio?

1:31:41 - Final tips


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