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Inspiration: where to look and how to apply it to your design project

Recorded live on 15/10/21

About this video:

Mao Barros talks to Daniel Furtado about inspiration: where to look for it, how to organize idea boards and how to define its application in your design project. This is an extremely important process, whose objective is to build the foundations of a good visual project so that it has structure, concept, and most importantly, that it effectively contributes to users on their journey.


Among the topics covered:

  • Main sources of inspiration and references;
  • How to create boards;
  • How to define a creative line;
  • How to employ your choices in a unique design.



00:00 - Introduction
05:40 - Hotjar and the evolution of products
16:19 - About Mao Barros
17:05 - About Deeploy
18:23 - About Daniel Furtado
21:05 - Live Summary
24:50 - Channel recommendation: Alex Helmair


Where does a project start?

26:49 - A good and sustaining design requires a lot of study
28:39 - Building a foundation for it is the first step
32:15 - Deeply understand the customer's need
34:21 - What's better? 100% freedom in the sky or freedom inside a room?
42:19 - Help him define what he doesn't like, then what he likes
44:05 - Ask him what emotion he wants to arouse
46:18 - Where to look for inspiration?

How to organize idea boards?

1:12:38 - First layer
1:17:55 - Second layer
1:19:26 - Third layer


How to define a creative line?

1:21:33 - Do tests and experiments
1:24:50 - Make structural decisions: colors, font and elements
1:26:58 - Create your own limits and rules and produce the design under these limits
1:28:25 - Practical example - Creation of Sá Barros
1:43:08 - Final tips

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