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Hiring in the remote world

What can change in selective UX/UI Designers processes

Hiring in the remote world


Certainly hundreds of articles have been written on the issue of the pandemic's impact on business and the way people work. On the contracting companies side, what was predicted to take months (or maybe years) to happen in a gradual transition, had to happen much faster and all at once. After this overwhelming experience, we are entering a period of reviewing our priorities and reassessing our work processes. What is the result of all this in selective processes of UX/UI Designers? We'll see in today's article.



Hiring in the New World

We see companies laying off. People losing their jobs. Projects being canceled or postponed. With this harsh reality check, a profound reassessment was needed in the way we all do business, and more than that, in how work relationships are done. As always, after crises, we come back stronger and more resilient — And we wonder if even after the risk is finally over, if we're going to go back to the way it was before. From now on, when selecting a professional, are we going to follow the same protocols?

Coldly speaking, the need to formally have a face-to-face interview no longer exists. All interviews have been done by video-conference, which has become a common and acceptable practice for the final selection of a candidate, saving time and effectiveness in the selection process as a whole. But this is the tip of the iceberg: The way companies build teams and professionals provide their services has changed. To this end, we recommend that each party update the way its offer proceeds.



Adaptation for companies


Give a good review

Today, when thinking about a project, the real need for a local team must first be evaluated. This factor already changes the way the project is organized with people — Without the barrier of distance, professionals from any location would potentially be able to work, which increases the offer of UX/UI Designers from all corners of the country much more. There are certainly surprisingly capable professionals, in places that were not given much attention before.


Treat hiring as a pillar of the project

As stated in the article Hiring is part of the UX Strategy, having people constantly Evaluation is crucial to ensure the integrity of the project in the face of ongoing challenges. As the supply of professionals increases, the risk of turnovers also. Therefore, having a solid selection process in place can prevent such problems, keeping the project on track.


Diversify profiles

It's the opportunity to give opportunities. The pandemic brought greater popularity to our sector, and many people took the time to dedicate themselves to their studies. So right now there are many junior level people eager for their first opportunity in the field, and this may be the time to open doors for them to show their capabilities. Mixed teams grow faster and with more consistency.


Solid company culture

It is important that the company culture is identified in the details. Without formal meetings, people tend to lose the feeling of belonging to a real group, which must be worked on deeply so that the company's identity is expressed in each member of the team, wherever they are. Therefore, internal communication actions must be frequent, for a good orientation of internal procedures of what the company is, what it believes and how it proceeds in adverse situations.



Practices for UX/UI Designers


Conform to Distance

Since you've already created your “work corner” somewhere in the house, treat it as your official place of work. While companies may ask their employees to regroup, they will do so slowly through frequent scheduled meetings, or in shifts (avoiding large groupings at once). During the selection process, you will be asked about your working conditions at home: Speak only the truth, proving to recruiters that your productivity will not be compromised by external factors.


Be transparent, present and organized

It is imperative that you are able to create your own work routine, well organizing your productive time and your available hours for interactions with other team members. Your assessment will reach the point of understanding how you handle misunderstandings, whether you will be present to your leadership and team members, ensure that your deliverables do not generate rework, and that you will do your best to keep yourself interested, motivated and engaged in the activities of the proproject.


Show your constant learning

Just saying that you like to learn and love challenges is not enough in a selection process. Companies are looking for professionals with the attitude of pushing the sector forward, who constantly bring new information, metrics, techniques and tools, benefiting everyone involved. To do this, take advantage of the time saved in fewer hours of traffic, investing it in your personal development.


Assess your skills and dig into them

Define exactly what you love and are good at throughout the UX/UI Design process, dig deep into this competency and make your expertise very clear. Design Teams seek professionals with different backgrounds and expertise, so that the deliverable of the set becomes deeper and more satisfying, as each part of the team performs tasks with total focus and excellence.




New opportunities are being created in our new world. Our adaptation is not just limited to dropping distance barriers, but in the way projects are put together and people produce. Stay ahead of these changes.

About Mao Barros

Over 15 years in the Design field, working on visual projects such as graphic, illustration and Brands. For the last 10 years I've been working in digital projects as UI Designer, understanding UX and buildings processes using no-code tools to have a good deliverable to them.

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