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We are specialists in recruiting, selecting and outsourcing UX Designers for full, part-time, or temporary projects.

Portfolio and UX career curation

Portfolio and UX career curation

Our platform help professional development and allows UX Designers to show their full potential.
Simple and humanized processes

Simple and humanized processes

After analysing the skills, we talk to each professional so that their goals are clear.
Ideal connections for your team

Ideal connections for your team

We present only selected options, from people who have a real fit with your business context.

We boost the expansion of Design teams and the career of UX Designers

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    Any questions? We are here to help

    Check out the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Deeploy.

    Who is Deeploy?

    For companies: we specialize in recruiting, selecting, and outsourcing UX designers, whether for full-time, part-time positions, or temporary projects. We connect professionals and companies looking to form or expand their UX Design teams, ensuring a quick selection process, within budget and with low turnover.


    For UX Designers: we are a community specialized in helping UX/UI Designers find new opportunities and projects and offer courses, mentorships, and content to grow in their UX Design career.

    Why is Deeploy different?

    In addition to the know-how in UX Design, we have an exclusive global vacancy platform for recruiting UX Designers. Our process is people-centric from end to end, from portfolio analysis to candidate selection.

    What are Deeploy's products and services?
    1. The platform for job opportunities and candidate management: the company can register its 1. UX opportunity on the platform and manage its selection process. The advantage is that it will receive candidates with more assertive profiles, as we are an exclusive UX and UI Design platform and have specific filters to ensure effectiveness;2. Recruitment and outsourcing consulting: in this case, we do all the work for the company, such as posting the vacancy, pre-selection of professionals, portfolio curation, and only presenting the ideal candidates for the opportunity. Our goal is to present the smallest number of professionals with maximum assertiveness.
    I have an opportunity. How to publish it on the platform?

    Our platform is in the beta development phase. Therefore, there is no cost to you, and we want to rely on your feedback to build a simple product that really solves the pain of companies that need to hire UX Design professionals. Check out the step-by-step guide on how to post a job at Deeploy:

    1. To post a job opportunity, you need to be registered on the platform;
    2. After logging in, in the “Job Opportunities” tab, click on the “Add Job Opportunity” button in the upper right corner of the screen;
    3. Fill in all fields such as title, description, requirements, and benefits and click “Submit job for review and approval“.

    From there, your vacancy will be reviewed by the platform team before being published. If there are any observations, you will receive an email with instructions.

    I'm a candidate. How do I register for a job at Deeploy?

    Register for free on the Deeploy platform, fill in your profile details, write a brief presentation about your experience and describe a professional case. After that, you can already apply for the vacancies available on the platform. The advantage of using the platform is that we are specialists in recruiting UX Designers, we understand the needs of companies and help you build a complete and effective candidate profile in a few steps.

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